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Social Media Promotion is the process of generating public opinion through the use of social media like online communities, websites and various other mediums of communication over the internet.

It has proved to be a better way of attracting traffic to a website and getting the site optimized than Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It focuses on driving traffic from sources other than search engines and thus it gives improved search ranking. It harnesses a lot of free traffic and is much cheaper than SEO.

In traditional marketing, advertising agencies used to publish advertisements in newspapers, magazines etc. but with the advent of digital news websites, the techniques of marketing have also changed.

So, in simple terms, digital marketing is the process of advertising any brand or product/service on digital devices.

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Social media optimization is a great technique by which you can get more traffic and business for the website. If your website has huge traffic then you can earn by Google absence.


Social media SEO is the activity that boosts your website's organic traffic through organic search and improves your page rank on the search engine result page.

With social media channels, you can generate customers through social engagement with keyword terms around those social platforms. For example, if you put keywords using the 'how-to' phrase, videos from YouTube will more likely take up the search engine more than typical blog posts.

This becomes even more beneficial when you own those videos on your YouTube channel. People will look up to those results and subsequently increase your web traffic through YouTube.

Likewise, if end users search for specific keyword terms that contain 'native' words connected to certain social networks, your social media handles will more likely end up first on the SERPs.

In another example, users may want to get specific when intending to buy a product. So, instead of searching for a generic, short-tail keyword such as woman shoes, they will type down ‘buy cheap women shoes for work.’

You can then expect these keywords from marketplace sites, official Facebook pages, and eCommerce product pages.

In this case, Facebook for business has taken a significant role in showing your brand when people search for products online. Listing your products and including relevant keywords on the title and description will help you gain exposure and improve your search rank on Google.